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Yadis! Backup 1.10.14

Yadis! Backup 1.10.14: Easy, real time and automatic backup-tool, no scheduling required tool, you realize it`s not just that what you wanted. That`s why we`ve created Yadis! Take a look and view all its advantages. Here are some key features of "Yadis! Backup": · You can fully decide what to backup · It copies one on one your files to allmost any destination you want · You don`t need Yadis! to access the backed-up files · The marked folders are backed-up real-time (no scheduling needed!). You make a change? Yadis! makes a backup

Yadis! 1.6.5: Easy, real time and automatic backup-tool, no scheduling required
Yadis! 1.6.5

Our number-one-software is Yadis!. It`s an easy-to-use backup-tool, which will save you a lot of troubles. It guards your personal data by making real-time copies (whenever you make changes to your documents) to almost any destination you choose. You do not need to shedule! Whenever you make a change, your data is saved. If the backup destination is not available then the backup is postphoned untill the destination becomes available again.

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Live Backup Now - Real-time Backup 5.0.0: Live Backup Now is a real-time and continuous file backup software for windows.
Live Backup Now - Real-time Backup 5.0.0

backup/replication targets (local disk, Network drive, removable media, NAS device),or backup to FTP in real-time. Key Features Real-time and Continuous backup in the background Perform full, real-time incremental, real-time mirror and CDP(continuous data protection) Flexibility in setting the data sources Backup to any media device Flexible filtering system ZIP compression and data encryption Restore data to original or any location Safe copy using

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Versomatic for Mac OS X 1.0.2-build54: Automatically backs up file changes in real-time while you work.
Versomatic for Mac OS X 1.0.2-build54

real-time while you work. Then go back in time to any earlier file or restore previously deleted files regardless of when they were deleted (unlike traditional undelete utilities that only work well right after the deletion takes place). Versomatic is a powerful complement to old-school backup applications. It preserves all file changes as they happen not once a day but every chage as it is saved. Retrieving previous versions of files is as simple

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AnyFileBackup 3.4.1: Real time backup and file synchronization made easy with AnyFileBackup.
AnyFileBackup 3.4.1

With AnyFileBackup, users can easily and securely backup and synchronize files. The software offers the ultimate real time backup solution for IT departments, providing many features for enhanced security and optimal performance. The software can also be used remotely from a web browser. It also provides detailed reports of tasks carried out as well as alerts which can be sent over a LAN or via email.

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Comodo BackUp Comodo BackUp - Automatic file backup and recovery for Windows XP / 2000
Comodo BackUp

BackUp - Automatic file backup and recovery for Windows XP / 2000 Comodo BackUp is the straightforward and powerful utility that allows users to quickly and easily create backup copies of critical files. Free of charge, its features include complete file and folder duplication to local/ network drives and FTP servers, intelligent incremental backups, e-mail reporting, extensive report logs, real time back ups with `synchronization` mode, advanced

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Genie Timeline Free: Genie Timeline performs automatic real-time backup of all files and folders.
Genie Timeline Free

Timeline periodically creates backups of your files. The Timeline Explorer shows frequent backups for the past 4 hours, hourly backups for the past week and weekly backups onwards. Genie Timeline is powered with the Incremental Block Level new technology that backs up the changes made within the file, saving you time & space. Need to stay informed? Just set your Timeline to your email settings and you will receive information with backup notifications

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